Laundry Services Explained: All You Need to Know

This blog covers what laundry services are and all the other essential information that you should know about.

What are Laundry Services?

Laundry services are an essential part of the housekeeping industry. It is an intricate science that blends the elements of stain removal, steam laundry, dry cleaning, and folding techniques. In business, laundry services refer to a system, usually overseen by a company, that deals with the washing, drying, and ironing process of sheets, towels, uniforms, and other textiles of the same nature.

Types of Laundry Services Providers

There are different types of laundry service providers. Some laundry services operate laundromats where machines are placed for consumers to use on a pay-as-you-use basis. This type of laundry service caters to the needs of individuals who simply do not have the time to attend to their laundry. Often, these are the ones sought out by those living in dorms and condos.

On the other hand, we have industrial laundry services that cater to the needs of those in hotels, hospitals, government facilities, and other related spaces. This type of laundry service provider follows a scientific approach to laundry.  Hospital textiles, for example, are meant to be taken care of by those specifically certified to handle biohazardous laundry.

Other Types of Laundry Services

Laundry is a multifaceted discipline that can cater to both individuals and businesses.  Here are several other sorts of laundry services in Manila that are available to those who might need them:

Pick-Up Laundry Service

As the name cunningly suggests, pick-up laundry services collect your dirty items for cleaning and drop them off at your doorstep. This reduces the need for you to leave your home, which makes it easier for those whose schedules make it challenging to keep up with their laundry.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is somewhat similar to regular home laundering, just that a special liquid solvent is used to clean your laundry instead of the usual water and detergent. The solvent contains little to no water, hence the term “dry” cleaning.

Fluff and Fold Service

Fluff and Fold Service is when laundry professionals wash, dry, and fold your clothes for you. It is similar to how “wash and fold” services are. Customers bring in their dirty laundry and leave the sorting to the staff. The term “fluff and fold” comes from the final step of this laundry service, which is the fluffing of the clothes in the dryer and folding them afterward.

Laundromat Self-Service

Self-service laundry, often referred to as coin laundry or launderette in some regions, is a type of laundry service that doesn’t need much personalized professional help.  Self-service laundromats are especially popular in areas where individuals do not have access to a personal washing machine. These people may be apartment dwellers, travelers, students, or anyone who may simply not have the necessary laundry equipment at home.

Why Laundry Service Are Important

There are many reasons why laundry services are essential. For one, the onset of the pandemic highlighted the critical importance of maintaining hygiene and sanitation in various settings, most especially for those within the hospitality sector. This is why businesses are increasingly turning to specialized laundry service providers. Properly laundered and sanitized textiles reduce the risk of transmitting viruses and bacteria.

Aside from that, outsourcing laundry services allows businesses to focus on their core operations and save time and effort that would otherwise be spent on doing laundry. This factor is critical during busy periods. 

1. Infection Control

In healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses, laundry services play a vital role in controlling the spread of infections. Properly laundered and sanitized linens help protect both staff and customers from potential contamination.

2. Specialized Handling

Different industries require specialized handling of textiles, such as the use of specific detergents, water temperatures, or fabric care. Professional laundry services can cater to these particular needs.

3. Customer Confidence

In sectors like hospitality, customers are increasingly concerned about cleanliness and safety. Offering freshly laundered linens and garments can instill confidence and trust in your services.

4. Compliance with Regulations

Many industries have strict hygiene and sanitation regulations in place. Laundry services ensure that these businesses can comply with these regulations, avoiding fines and legal issues.

In summary, these reasons highlight how laundry services are not only convenient but also play a significant role in promoting cleanliness, safety, and efficiency. Much so is observed in the hospitality industry, where maintaining high standards of hygiene is paramount, especially in the context of the heightened focus on health and cleanliness during this time.

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