What is a Commercial Cleaner? 

What often determines the reputation of a workplace or establishment rests upon the environment it maintains. However, keeping your commercial space tidy and organized is a task that’s easier said than done. Lucky for you, a commercial cleaner exists to keep your areas looking hygienic. 

First things first, what is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning refers to the maintenance and cleaning of industrial spaces such as offices, warehouses, retail stores, factories, and other similar spaces. Commercial cleaning as a service entails cleaning spaces where foot traffic is rampant. Hence, frequently requiring specialized equipment for maintenance. 

Businesses require commercial cleaning services to ensure that their spaces follow proper sanitation standards. Office spaces, for example, are high in foot traffic. This in turn results to the accumulation of dirt, dust, gunk, and other unwanted contaminants deemed hazardous to the health of those who occupy the said space. In doing so, commercial cleaning services help reduce the risk of illness and infection, fostering a healthy work environment for all. But who does the cleaning? 

What is a Commercial Cleaner?

Simply put, a commercial cleaner is the one responsible for executing the routing and general cleaning of the previously mentioned establishments. Again, this includes restaurants, factories, offices, shops, hotels, bars, and more.

Some cleaning companies also entrust commercial cleaners with residential cleaning services (but it happens ever so rarely as their primary focus is usually thronged buildings).

commercial cleaner holding cleaning materials, with window wiper and spray bottle in hand

Commercial cleaners use a variety of cleaning equipment, techniques, and chemicals depending on our cleaning requirements. 

Specifically, here are the responsibilities of a commercial cleaner:

The scope of work of a commercial cleaner usually includes cleaning tiles, floors, walls, furniture, ceilings, windows, and more, but is not limited to such. Depending on what your needs and requirements are, you can expect commercial cleaners to help you with your problem.

But generally speaking, here’s a list of tasks usually done by these commercial cleaners: 

General Cleaning Services


General cleaning services encompass dusting furniture, vacuuming and mopping floors, spot cleaning, wiping handrails, door handles, and other high-touch areas, cleaning and sanitizing kitchen and canteens, cleaning external premises, and more. 

Cleaning large premises


Large commercial buildings often require time, labor, or special equipment that’s why businesses usually demand cleaning services from commercial cleaning companies. Cleaning large premises often requires the use of specialized equipment, which commercial cleaners are expected to know how to operate. 

facility sterilization


Facility sterilization is common for businesses within the food and beverage industries to prevent food contamination. Alongside the F&B is the medical industry, which requires the most facility sterilization to prevent the spread of contagious microorganisms. Commercial cleaners working for such companies are required to have certifications to ensure that the work they do keeps abreast of cleaning standards. 

special floor and carpet cleaning


Different types of flooring require different forms of cleaning. The same can be said for carpets. Professional cleaning is required for removing stains from such materials, and expert commercial cleaners know how to handle these kinds of stains.

Why You Should Hire Commercial Cleaners

Let’s be real, it’s highly unlikely for you to be able to accomplish the above list alone. Neither will your staff be. Each and every one of you is employed for a specific set of responsibilities, and none of those responsibilities include specialized cleaning of your facilities, so it won’t be productive to expect you to help with the cleaning. 

Maintaining a clean space is important for many reasons, especially if you’re often inviting clients or customers over to your place. Hiring trained commercial cleaners who will be able to do the job as quickly and as efficiently as possible is the way to go. Remember, a tidy and spotless space increases the chance of returning customers and builds a product environment for you and your staff. 

Here are other reasons why you should hire commercial cleaners:

    • Creates a Good and Lasting ImpressionWhen you hire commercial cleaners to do routine general cleaning for your facility, the clean environment you foster creates a good and lasting impression on your clients and customers.
    • Reliable Services Commercial cleaners have the training and experience to deal with specialized cleaning needs, especially for those within the medical and industrial industries.
    • Boosted Employee ProductivityResearch shows that offices with clean and well-organized workspaces positively affect employee productivity. Employees working in clean environments have been proven to be more motivated and less prone to distractions, boosting employee productivity for the company.
    • Reduced Pest Infestation When you maintain the cleanliness and integrity of your facilities, you lower the risk of pest infestations, such as rodents and insects.
    • Elimination of Equipment Costs – By hiring commercial cleaners, you eliminate the need for specialized cleaning materials since cleaning companies are the ones who bring in high-quality tools.

Looking for the Right Commercial Cleaners? 

Commercial cleaners do more than just keep your premises free from dirt, dust, and grime. They contribute to the overall upkeep of your workplace, and by a stretch keep your employees healthy. 

If you’re considering hiring commercial cleaners for your cleaning needs, check out Shared Solutions Inc. We are a fast-rising, dynamic, and professional facility management solutions provider empowered to deliver quality services to our clientele through extensive strategic, tactical and operational knowledge in the manners of facility management and maintenance.

Our commercial cleaning services ensure a well-rounded and effective cleaning operation that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. 

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